Valentine's Day Advent Tutorial, kindof

>> Tuesday, February 2, 2010

**Click HERE for a more recent candy countdown tutorial

Well, for a couple years now, I've been wanting to make the kiddos their own Valentine's Day Advent count down calendar.  I FINALLY found the right supplies, for the right $$ though I'm still tweaking it, and I will probably change it next year. I just wanted to post this in case someone wanted to make one for their fam.
Ok That being said let's get busy, making this easy calendar

So you start with  a plastic heart from Wally-world, or anywhere else you can find one for a decent price.  I paid $1.50

See, a buck-fitty

Now go to your local Dollar tree and get yourself 2 Packages of these babies (per Calendar)  They have pink, red, and white to choose from.

So now, just hot glue these lil hearts to the big one, in whatever random fashion you'd like
Now, it'd be handy if you had a cricut, and could cut out some cute little numbers, but alas mine DIED after I cut out one calendars worth. (sniff)  (I just got to start playing when the cutter crapped out) : /
EDITED TO SAY: That hot glue on this project is NOT THE BEST CHOICE, I've come to think that little permanent foam squares would be a better option, as the plastic flexes too much for the glue.

Now fill your hearts with candy for your lovies

So cute

Now glue a little ribbon at the top, and let your little love decorate with Dollar Store foam stickies and pose for a quick pic. and for about $4 you have a cute little advent for your little one, OR big one :)
P.S. The little one's did most of the work, and they LOVED it

Here's mine with the numbers, I painted the heart pink and mod-podged the numbers on.  

Happy Valentine's Day

****ALSO edited to apologize for my loose lips calling this calendar an ADVENT calendar! YIKES! I even know better! Hope I didn't offend anyone with that! Enjoy this Valentine's COUNT DOWN calendar! :)

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11 peeps say:

Lydia 3.2.10  

oh that's cute!!

Katie's Nesting Spot 5.2.10  

Very cute and it's kind of like a box of chocolates.

I am so sad to hear about your Cricut! I just got one and they are expensive so that kinda worries me.

Ashli 24.1.11  

Super cute! I'll have to hit the dollar tree later and see what I come up with!

Kerry 24.1.11  

That's adorable! I commented on Frugal Friends by mistake...I had found these hearts and was going to make a Valentine's treasure hunt for my daughter! Each heart will contain a clue leading to the next one, and then a surprise at the end. I just love this easy calendar idea...thanks for sharing!

Laura 24.1.11  

Advent is a season in the Catholic Liturgical year....this is a Valentine's Day Countdown project, NOT an "Advent" calendar!!

Shabby Allie's Boutique 24.1.11  

Thanks for the idea...was going to do this craft with my son and grandson today...Purchased my two plates first...The bad part is...I can't find the heart containers anywhere...Have checked my Dollar Trees, Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby and Michaels Craft Store...Any other suggestions...

Jenn @ Cuddles and Cameras 25.1.11  

@Shabby Allie's Boutique-YIKES! I haven't been to the dollar tree lately to see if they still had them. I know they have had them the last couple of years though. DARN! I did a search on the web and didn't find anything that was similar. the closest was on etsy for 12 clear hearts for around $6

@Laura-Thanks for pointing that out! Geesh, I even KNEW better! Hope I didn't offend :)

@Kerry-TOTALLY cute idea! My kids would love that :)

@Ashli-Thank you! Love the way you spell your name! :)

@ Katies Nesting spot- Thank you! I've since had my cricut replaced, but HAVEN'T opened it, because I'm afraid it'll malfunction as well... I don't know what my problem is. Maybe I should overcome my fear and open it today :)

@Lyd- Thank you :)

Anonymous,  26.1.11  

I also couldn't find the containers :-( Any other ideas on something to use?

Jenn @ Cuddles and Cameras 28.1.11  

I just posted a new countdown with things that are available now and very affordable :)

Shabby Allie's Boutique 28.1.11  

OK...sorry i was sooo impatient..I did find some heart containers at Walmart in the Valentine section...There were 9 in a pack for $2.00...These are solid red with sayings on the lid...I have searched all of our dollar trees and finally found some mixed colors of pink..and light pink...They do have the kind of a swish heart...not for sure what you would call these..but they have a swish towards the tip...The do carry these plain or with sayings..You might have to look around as ours was hanging on an endcap at the register and NOT in their Valentine mix...Better deal at 10 for 1.00..Some stores are just receiving these so unlike patient..Also I would like to link to your project but not for sure how or at least give credit where credit is due...I have posted pics of ours on my blog and wanted to give the credit to you...if you could let me know how to do this..i would greatly appreciate it...New to Blogging..Thanks..Shabby Allie

Michelle 28.1.11  

Thanks for the great idea! I managed to whip this up in no time, and I know my daughter will love it! They did have the heart containers at my local Dollar Tree, although they were packs of mixed colors instead of all one color, so I ended up having to buy 3 packs instead of two to get the right mix. ;)

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