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>> Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tonight we're goin' easy style. WAIT!  I'm the mama of 5, I ALWAYS do easy style HA! ;) Long since passed are the days where I had time to cook up glorious gourmet meals.... OK, OK not necessarily gourmet per se but NOT cereal at least one night a week o.0
*My excuse is football season, my next excuse is wrestling season, and then graduation... etc... :)

Here is a very BASIC potato soup that I absolutely L O V E.  This is my Great Grandma's recipe and she'd make it for me most every time I'd come over to visit. 

Great Grandma's Potato soup

Red potatoes (enough to make a soup)  I'd say a 3 lb bag or so?
White onion Lg
a little butter (to taste)
Ham chunks  Or if you're a veggie like me, BACOS
Evaporated milk
salt and pepper to taste

So obviously, or maybe not so obviously,  you scrub the be-geebers outta yer taters.  BE-GEEBERS!  You don't want any dirt chunks ruining yer soup!
Next cut Potatoes into quarters.
Dice your- I mean, YER onion
Salt and pepper yer water and add the ham/bacos
Throw into a pot and fill with water until JUST covered
Boil until tender and then mash it down a bit and add yer canned milk or cream or sour cream or whatever is yer fancy
Heat till thickened and enjoy!
P.S. I can only eat this with FRANKSREDHOT for some reason.  I guess cuz that's how Grandma did.  I recommend it if you like hot stuff.

OK, I'm done talking typing like a goober, Hope you try this recipe and build upon it :) 

* I add veggie bouillon into my water and more often then not add a little sour cream to thicken it up a bit. Also great with a fresh salad and crusty bread JUST sayin' ;)

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