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>> Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a few crazy weeks these have been!  I can't believe that I haven't poste A N Y T H I N G, since before Thanksgiving!  YIKES!  What gives?!  I apologize for the hiatus.  One of my resolutions was to blog every weekday.  Can you give me a BIG FAT F for FAIL?  Geesh.  Ok, it's only the 13th.  I can redeem myself right?  

Moving on.  ha ha.

I've since FINALLY. YES! FINALLY!!!! Got my camera back.  My beee-love-ED!  I was so lost without my little guy!  I had to resort to my limited point and shoot, or rather Will's limited point and shoot, and I hated it.  HATED. it.  The thing gives me the heebs.  Seriously. 

I've been working on losing this baby weight.  I call it my "baby weight" because I never had a weight issue BEFORE babies... so though my "baby" is (cough) 18 mos. (cough)  I'm stickin' with it.  It makes me feel, better.

So far?  Well, I've lost a pound since Monday.  Hmm... A pound. A package of butter.  Not too bad, but considering I have about 500 more to go, this task is a bit daunting. Ugh!
My favorite photgrapher NicholeV recently posted about her weight-loss journey.  And, she wrote about her struggle with losing the "baby weight"   about her slloooooooow metabolism (like mine) and that she never ate icky things but STILL couldn't get the weight off.  It was a breath of fresh air!  I wasn't alone!  What worked for her, I'm hoping works for me.  She went to a 900-1000 calorie diet.  I know that sounds like you'd starve but, you don't.  At least I don't and other people with slllllooooooow metabolisms probably won't either.  This isn't the norm.  I realize, but I just want to GET. THIS. DONE. 


So far, so good.  I don't feel like anything has changed which is good?  Bad?  I don't know.  I'm eating more regularly instead of not eating all day and then eating at 8PM. (I KNOW, I know, NOT good)  My body constantly thinks it's "starving" holding on to ANY excess weight that it can because of these bad habits that I've created since becoming a mommy.  (After Ocean was born I didn't eat anything.  AT ALL.  I was too worried that if I put my baby down, she might just,  I don't know what I thought.  But, I really NEVER put her down, and in turn starved my body of the nutrients it needed to feed her.  Hmmm... NO Fleeping wonder I couldn't produce any milk!) Anyways, here I go for the third round of getting this "baby weight" OFF!  Third times a charm right?  I'll keep up to date on how I'm doing and recipes that are low-calorie,  and other healthy stuff, because that really is what's most important right?  Health? (Yes, Jenn, that IS the most important, stop being so vain!)  I've got to get over my dreams of being a size 3 again. WHAT- E V E R.  I just want to feel good again. 


Here's to my skinny jeans  oops! HEALTH! 


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