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>> Friday, January 28, 2011

Just getting into couponing, TARGET's (Dollar section) has a couple of items that are a MUST HAVE.  Well, one of them is a "must have" the others are for convenience, really.

The MUST HAVE is a coupon organizer.  It's kind-of a "duh" item.   You need one to stay organized with your Q's.  Some use binders, but I really, REALLY don't want to attract more attention to my crazy coupon-ness than absolutely necessary  ;) 

This little organizer can fit a ton of Q's. 

A. TON. 

WAAAY more than those cheesy looking paper ones, Which I can call cheesy cause I sported one.  Ha ha ha!

I love the PLAIN-ness of this one, and the PLASTIC-ness of this one. :)  It's a "ness" thing.

I purchased the larger one so I can organize my ads.  I like to bring them along to the stores with me just to MAKE SURE I'm getting the right deal.   Rite Aid likes to pull ALL their sale tags on Saturday evening in preparation for the upcoming sale starting the next day, and it's FRUH-STREETING to find your deals if you DON'T have an ad handy :) 

I also purchased ANOTHER Q organizer for my envelopes.  When I search my ads and match the q's to the stores deals I place them in an envelope marked "Safeway" "Rite Aid" "Walgreen's" etc...this makes it easier for me, rather than sifting through ALL my q's at the store in the middle of the aisle while my kids are screamin' for candy, and then proceeding to dump all my q's on the floor...
I think I posted somewhere on here to.... NOT ATTEMPT COUPONING WITH CHILDREN IN TOW!  I want to bang my head on a wall EVERYtime I attempt to do so. :)

So now, instead of envelopes I have marked sections in my organizer by "store," makes my life easier, and less um, crazycouponladyish-ness

Happy couponing,
yourcrazycouponladyishness, JENN

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The Crafty Side Of Life 2.2.11  

Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I got some of those coupon holders from Target as well!! LOVE the $ bin!

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