It's been 2 years... Really?

>> Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello?  Anybody there??
Yikes!  Has it really been two years since I last a typed a word on this little blog of mine?!  Two years ago, my "baby" was one.  ONE!  Now he's almost FOUR!  Whoever said "Time flies when you're having fun", really knew what they were talking about.   I feel like my life has been one tremendous, beautiful,  sometimes chaotic span of time since I've been with my Sweetheart.  It 's been wild.  It's been a period of growth.  I'm sure my whole life will be a "period of growth".  I hope so anyway.  What are we, if we're not moving forward?

I have a child that is serving a 2 year mission right now in California.  It's weird, when your "chicks" leave the nest.  Weirder still, when you can't talk to them via phone or in person, for two years. TWO. YEARS.  I'm afraid my little "chick" will be a full grown Eagle when he returns...  This gives me pause.  This gives me tears.  This gives me joy.  We did something right!  Yay!

Now, I have this daughter... She's beautiful inside and out.  But I'm wondering.  When did my sweet little girl grow into this beautiful young woman?  I'm sure I was present.  I'm Positive.   But when I look at this photo, it takes me aback.  Time... it slows, nor stops, for NO ONE.  She's saving wedding dresses on Pinterest right now.   I might have a heart attack!

                                                     Image Credit: Rashelle Cuperus Photography

Now my littlest girl... she's losing her cute little baby teeth and her cute little cheekers!  I can say cheekers right?  She is still Seven after all...Her goal in life right now is to please Mama... She doesn't like to do anything that makes me upset. I'm not gonna lie, that is Niiiiice... It'll be a shame when she outgrows that... for ME anyway.

                                                       Image Credit: Rashelle Cuperus Photography

And my "monster", well, not really a "monster"  but kind-of.  He keeps me on my toes, and pushes me into uncharted (for me) parental waters.  I'm constantly trying to come up with ways to parent him that are actually effective   What worked for the rest, does NOT work on this guy... He is a force to be reckoned with.  He came into this world fighting for his life, and he continues to be a fierce little man.  He loves so incredibly deeply and sincerely that he just melts my heart (and others) more often than he gets me worked up.  He's amazing, and the most like me out of all my little "chicks."

And lastly, my little heart melter...  seriously... Couldn't of asked for a better "baby of the family"  He lets me snuggle him always... He'll dance with me, and one of his favorite things, is for me to sing to him... I try so hard to soak up every. little. thing. that these kiddos of mine do, because I know their time with me is short. And, really, it's priceless...

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