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>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm going to start this little ditty on my blog as a way for me to kind-of log all the tips I've heard, great things on blogs I've read and whatnot hope you enjoy :)

  • Did you know that if you give your toenails a quick polish BEFORE you hop in the shower, the water actually "sets" the polish, so by the time your out and ready to get dressed your toes will be pretty & perfect ;)   ( I use this tip all the time, just make sure you test before putting on your socks :)

  • Ok, Have any of you heard of KNOCK OFF WOOD?  You haven't?? GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!  If you have any desire at ALL to build your own furniture, then visit her site, and check out  OODLES of plans that she designs by 'knocking off' Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, etc... designs...  My project list is HUGE now!  THIS will be our first project :)
P.S. You can also 'become a fan' of hers on facebook :) HERE


2 peeps say:

Musicmom-Amy 16.2.10  

Ooooo, thanks Jenn!!!

Vashti 18.2.10  

For real thank you so much about sharing that furniture site. I am IN LOVE!!! So inspiring!

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