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>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ok, So I haven't done all the math YET, (as I mentioned in my profile that is NOT MY GIG) But I'll give you a run down of what I paid

1 pkgs.(I bought 2) HUGGIES normally 11.99 on sale for 8.99 MINUS $2 coupon makes it 6.99 plus after I bought it $3 printed out on my receipt making it 3.99 I had a money receipt (wellness up reward) of $3 so I paid .99 out of my pocket for each PACKAGE!!!  DEAL!

Next is Breathe Right strips (hubbs S N O R E S without these suckers) 10 ct. Reg. 4.99  MINUS $3 Walgreens Coupon, MINUS $1.50 Manufactuars coupon makes these, what?  .50cents?  Awesome!

Herbal Essence Shampoo/Aussie hairspray Regularly something like $4+ (at rite aid) On sale for $2.99 MINUS .50 coupon equals $2.50 each. So I bought 1 at 2.50 and then a $2 up reward printed making it .50 cents  I then got each subsequent bottle  for .50cents plus tax O.O.P. (out of pocket)  after coupons and up rewards  NICE!

Butter. The real stuff, you know the stuff Paula Dean could NOT live without!  Did you know that COSTCO usually has the best deal on this stuff?  Usually around $7 for 4 lbs/pkgs. (YEAH, that's a GOOD deal)  well, recently their prices shot up to 9.99 for 4 pkgs/lbs of butter?!  YIKES!  I'll make my own. THANKS!  Ok, maybe not make my own, but I'll definatley be stocking up when I find it on sale at my local grocers.

9.99 sheesh... 

My local Food Pavilion ran an add on their Dairygold butter if you bring in THEIR coupon you get it for $1.49!  Limit 2.  BUT, I asked my grocer guy "Ken" (first name basis now ha ha) if I could have a few more (10) flyers and he gladly pointed me in the direction of them :D I did have to do each 2 things of butter in seperate transactions, but no biggie.  ( I do NOT however, recommend AT ALL, that you attempt this (couponing) with children in tow, YIKES!)  Also there was a coupon in the 11/14 red plum or smart source in the sunday paper making 4 of my purchaces ONLY $1.09 for a lb. of BUTTER!!  That's a crazy good deal.  I bought something like 12, going to get some more tonight, because it freezes perfectly.  And I just R E F U S E to use margarine.... EWWWers. 

Nyquil gotta have it.  Especially this time of year.  Walgreens had it on sale for 2/$10 (they call that a sale?!)  Well I had 2 q's I call them q's now cuz my fingers don't want to type coupons anymore ;)  My q's were for $1.50 off of each making them 2/$7 ok, that's begining to sound like a deal.


Well, when you buy this deal.  I paid $7 o.o.p. THEN my receipt printed off "money" for $5 to use on my next purchase.  Which I did.  I bought the rest of my stuff after I made this purchase making it 2/$2 YEAH!  AND, these were the bottles that contained 20% more making it an even better deal!   ALSO, included in this transaction was a "FREEBATE" on kidsezze cold medicine.  On sale for $4.99.  I paid 4.99 and then got $4.99 right back on my receipt.  TOTALLY FREE!  And something I'll definatley use. 

Tillamook Cheese was/is on sale I think until tomorrow for 3.99!  That's a heckofa deal.  Tillamook is the best, In our opinion.  Especially their Extra sharp vintage white cheddar (which unfortunately is NOT included in this sale) bummer.  Stock up on this as it's good in the fridge until August, or you could just freeze it as well.

The last deal I'm going to type about on this blog is on Langers Cranberry juice  On sale with the Food pavillion's q for .99cents  GREAT deal as is.  BUT, I had 6 q's for save a $1 when you buy 2 making them 2 for .98 cents!  I also had 4 q's for a $1 off any langers juice product making 4 of my juices F R E E!  We love cranberry juice here, and although it's not 100% juice which we prefer, there is NO high fructose corn syrup! Which is, Nice :)

OOPS!  I lied, I forgot about these deals below I got all this for $13 dollars, that's pretty much the cost of 1 pkg. of diapers!!!   

The Huggies deal, is the same as the one I wrote about above. 
The Sierra Mist was on sale 10/$10 I had 10 q's for $1 off making them each FREE!  Same with the Swiss Miss (Now AMY, I wish I had the luxury of having William be a choclatier like Rob, so we could enjoy some premium Drinking/sipping chocolate instead of the premium "swiss miss"), but, I digress... :)

I got the cereal on sale 2/$4 I had a manufactuer's q for $1/2 making them 2/$3 then when I bought them I had  $1 up reward print making them 2/$2  These are Will's favs... I really don't like the kids eating SUGAR for breakfast.  But Will is a big boy and can do what he wishes ;)

I got the Glade Motion sense and spray which I L O V E by the way.  in the clearance bin.  for $5 regularly $10.  I happened to have a q for $4 off any startup kit on sense and spray (which it was) so I paid a BUCK!  It smells so good, and I highly recommend this product.  Lavendar/vanilla...mmmmm

I hope this inspires some of you to give coupons a try.  It's certainly worth my effort to clip, with the amount of money we are saving. 

P.S. If you go to SAFEWAY get their little coupon booklet (at the customer service counter) and you too, can get free Sierra Mist, and Swiss Miss, and TONS of other awesome deals!  The booklet contains Manufacturer's q's mostly so you can use them anywhere. 

P.P.S. Kmart has their Sierra Mist and Swiss miss on sale right now 11/24 for 10/$10 so if you want to try your hand at couponing, it's a great way to start! Getting FREE stuff.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING YA'LL!! ( it's the wife of a southern man commin' out in me ;)

Remember, if you want to learn more go visit Sarah at she's really amazing at couponing, and finding the best deals around...

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