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>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wow, is all I have to say about this product! 
I became a "fan" or rather "liked" Diamond Dazzle Stik on Facebook and signed up to recieve a FULL size sample of this product for FREE!  (they are done giving them away now unfortunately, but they may do this again, so "LIKE" them)  I just wanted to let all my friends know about this AWESOME product.

For years I've tried to find a GREAT at home ring cleaner.  Each time I thought I found one, they'd fail me.   They'd clean my ring up a little bit, but often the sides and underneath my diamond would still be- gucky?  Yeah, I guess gucky would be the word to describe that nastiness. 
Well, I just got my Diamond Dazzle stik yesterday, and I couldn't WAIT to try it out, to see if it did what it promised to do.... AND IT DID!  YEAH!  No more GUCKS! 

Here are the before and after pix. (Please don't mind the fact that I just love to ALWAYS state the OBVIOUS) Ha ha ha!
AGAIN, I apologize for the lack of quality photos coming from my "cuddles and CAMERAS" blog...I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss my camera, and hope that I can get it back soon...

P.S. I may or MAY NOT have cloned out creepy looking hairs that looked like spider legs off of my fingers.  JUST keepin' it real ya'll ;)

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