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>> Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Download 4x6 Valentine Card HERE 
Hey Girls!  I just wanted to share a quick valentine for you to use (if you want) for your little Chica's

Font for name is "Pea Noodle Parlor"
Font for Wording is "Pea Missing you"
Fonts from kevinandamanda
Bracket from Delicious Scraps
Color/texture by me

 You can download 4x6 Valentine Card HERE 

And another for the little men in your life...

Wording font is "Fontmoochers"
Name font is "Pea Noodle Parlor"
Fonts from Kevinandamanda
Monster font "creatures" from
Border from Delicious scraps

You will need to know how to use layers in your photo editing program, but, really all you'll have to do is
***FIRST-Delete the "Place your photo here" layer***
1. Open the image (Card) in your photo editing program that can read PSD's
2. Open the picture you want to use for your card
3. Click on the "layer" that you want the picture on.  (The one with the colored square) When you click on it, it should highlight that layer.  Keep it like that.
4. Go to your image and drag it onto the card, with your "MOVE" tool (kindof looks like an cursor with a weird tail).
5. Once you have it on the card (It won't look right at this point either, but don't fret)  Click Ctrl+G and that will place your photo in the appropriate place. 
6. Click Ctrl+T to shrink your image down to look right.  If your image is too large click Ctrl+0 to see the whole thing.
7.  Your card should look right at this point.
8. Flatten image to jpeg and save
9. Send to your printer (COSTCO)  (make sure you choose to NOT have auto-correcting turned on)


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