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>> Friday, February 11, 2011

A friend of mine recently taught a class on how to make laundry soap.  This is my second attempt to make the stuff.  It's fun, and I LOVE it!

What you'll need

FELS-NAPTHA (soap)  or ZOTE (soap)

A Crusty pot.  This is our "Love Pot" 

Scents/oils.  I had Lavender on hand.  But I'll be ordering THIS from my FAVORITE soap supply store

An immersion blender.  I have a Braun somethin' somethin'.  It has a removable, um, blendery thingy?  I'll be ordering a replacement part so I can still use this handy deal for my cooking though.

You'll also need wooden spoons
1 crusty Cup measure
1 Crusty slotted spoon that's kind of melted and wonky. 


Pssssssst.. it doesn't have to be melted an wonky (you know,in case you were wondering ;)

Also, if you have a crusty cheese grater go ahead and use that, OR go to your local Dollar tree and get a cheapy one.  We're not looking for quality here people, we're looking for functionality. 
Now, in my case we still use our crusty trusty ol grater, so I went and bought this little guy for a buckaroo.

A BIG OL' BUCKET 3-4 Gallons.  I was able to get this one at our local dairy.  They sell them for under a dollar.

Ok, Now that you have your stuff all situated.  Lets get started!!

1. Grate your soap.  Fels-Naptha, Zote, Ivory whatever your using  (the whole bar)

2. Dump it in the pot.

3. Add 1 Cup Borax
1 Cup WASHING soda

4. Add HOT water about half-way

5. THIS step I forgot to grab a picture, OOPS!
Now, you want to stir the ingredients over a medium-high heat.  Bringing ALMOST to a boil.  Be careful here because the time between ALMOST and full-on boil is REALLY fast!  You don't want it to boil or it will go EVERYWHERE!  Mmm K?  E V E R Y W H E R E.

6.  You do want to make sure that you cook the soap thoroughly though.  Don't make the same mistake I did (the first time) and rush through in oblivion forgetting that ALL the little soap graties NEED. TO. MELT. 

7. Once everything is melted together go ahead and dump it in your clean bucket.  It looks kind of weird here, but don't worry it's ok.  You can bust out the immersible blender at this point if you like and give it a good whirl. 

8. Dump in your scent/essential oil. 
9.  I forgot a photo for this as well!  Darn!  Once you have your soap in your bucket fill your pot up with cold water and dump it in to your bucket (It took me 3 to fill my bucket)  this is where you want to use your meltywonky slotted spoon and stir.  IT WILL LOOK WEIRD, at least mine did BOTH times at this stage.   this is where you'll want bust out your blender and buzz away  till it's about like this (look below) consistency

10. Dump it into any used clean laundry detergent container you have on hand.  You'll want to make sure you shake it before each use though.

And there you have it!  I'm completely in LOVE with this soap.  It got a stain out that a certain expensive "with bleach" could NOT!  I was amazed, and converted.  And now I have 6 gallons of the stuff stored in my laundry room, and I have to control myself NOT to make more because I think it's THAT fun!   Yes, I'm a weirdo, but I'm okay with that ;)  Thanks again to my friend Kelly for showing me how on Tuesday!  I've had the stuff to make it for over a year, or TWO!  YIKES!  Just waiting for me to actually DO. IT. 
Total price for 3 Gallons?  Um, I'm gonna say UNDER a dollar.  Yeah. It's that cheap, and it works THAT GOOD!  Try it! 

soapily, Jenn

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