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>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm just going to direct you here  ATHRIFTYMOM as my friend Danile did.  THANK YOU DANILE!

If you want to save money, I mean, who doesn't in this economy?  I'll just say that we started putting some of her tips to use and recently saved 63% on our grocery bill!  I'll tell you a little of what we got...

2 bottles of Nyquil for $2
3 Free!! GAIN dishsoap (my new favorite, it smells EXACTLY like the laundry soap lol)
.25 colgate toothpaste
9 bottles of Mentos mint gum for FREE!!
.65 Cheerios  multiple boxes

Ok, that's just SOME of what we've been able to get using her tips and tricks.  If that sounds good to you, go check out her site, and We'll thank Danile together :D

Or, Are YOU already a pro at this and maybe able to share some tips?  Let us know!
Hope you all have a fabulous day!  I'm going to get my little man WHO JUST WOKE UP!  Yikes!

2 peeps say:

Burdett Family 2.11.10  

your link doesn't work =( for some reason it say blogger.blogspot.www.thriftymom.com....I opened up a new window and typed
www.thriftymom.com and it worked =) YAY thanks!

Jenn @Cuddlesandcameras 2.11.10  

Thanks Shandi! :) It's fixed now

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